Infertility in men and women, and miscarriages and stillbirths are devastating, and the struggle of motherhood can be overwhelming.

Infertility: feelings of failure, anger, and grief are part of the process of dealing with infertility. However, what happens when those emotions dominate and linger with you to the detriment of your daily mental health, your relationships, your marriage, and your life.

Miscarriages and stillbirths: Why? “Why” is the question most often asked. Both men and women will attempt to find meaning in these tragedies to understand and make sense in order to lessen the pain. The anguish and anger can tear couples apart.

Maternal mental health: Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders occur in 1 million mothers a year in the United States. 1 True prevalence may be higher as most cases go undetected and untreated. Symptoms of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders can present as persistent intrusive thoughts, sleeplessness or crying spell.

Recovery from birthing a child and caring for an infant is already physically draining, but the sleepless nights are risks for post-partum depression and anxiety. Depression can impair bonding and the baby’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development. While all this, mothers are battling feelings of guilt and shame for how they feel when it is not their fault.


  • Individual or couple counseling such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or family-focused therapy.
  • Depending on the severity and impairment of the symptoms in your life, medication management may be required. We will discuss risks and benefits in helping you find the right treatment for you.