Most of the mental health issues diagnosed in adults become established by the age of 14 years. All these facts only underline the importance of timely help or treatment. The prevalence of mental diseases is highest in 18 to 25 years old compared to any other age group.

Almost half of all the youth may have some psychological issues during the year. Some of the common problems among adolescents are anxiety disorder, behavior disorder, mood disorders, and substance abuse.  About one-fifth of adolescents are living with more severe conditions requiring mental care, like anxiety, depression, and behavioral disorder.

How can mental health services help teens and emerging adults?

The rapid transitions and changes in teens and adults are challenging and may even be paralyzing. There’s no manual on the guide to life.

  • If you are a student: Delaying the help you need many mean negative consequences for your happiness, your school, and your future.
  • If you are “adulting”: Questions of career, education, decisions of relationship and raising children, caring for aging parents, just the general process of “adulting” can be overwhelming.
  • If you are a parent or caregiver: Working and being a parent can often mean you do everything you can to meet everyone’s needs and your cup is often near empty. Give the gift of self-care so that you can enjoy your life and your loved ones.

Therapy: helps bring perspective and support through life’s transitions.

Psychiatric services: helps with medication when therapy alone is not enough to address symptoms of mood and anxiety.