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We are here because of you and for you. The heart of Kairos Psychiatry is to provide compassionate care and understand you— your motivations, fears, joys, and challenges, and to give you the tools to live the life you have always wanted. Please explore our provider profiles and discover which provider’s expertise and experience fit your needs.


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Dr. Haulek Tawmging

“I’m dedicated to providing an accessible and alternative to office visits for patients to achieve and maintain mental wellness in their busy lives. I work collaboratively with patients – individuals, parents, and children – in their psychiatric medication management, and I am passionate about patient education and autonomy in their treatment and healing. “

Washington | Oregon | Colorado | New Hampshire

Andrea Williams

“I believe that everything in this life happens for a reason and we all have a purpose in this life. I strongly believe in the healing power of a therapeutic relationship and feel honored each time I am able to share in a personal journey to self-discovery.”

Andrea focuses on counseling in peri-maternal anxiety and mood disorders, anxiety, and depression. Her approach is analytical and existential. Having received her formal training in a Christian university, Andrea also offers Christian counseling as an option.

Roberta Perno

“It is my great pleasure to be able to help you reflect, become more aware and explore concerns in order to take the steps toward change by developing a plan of action, and providing the hope and healing necessary to thrive.”

She has extensive experience working with teens to adults through depression, anxiety, relationships, sexuality, self-worth, grief, adjustment, career, and several other issues that many face in their lives. Christian counseling